Potty Training Day 2

It’s Day 2 of potty training, and we start the day the same as we did yesterday. I took Daisy into the bathroom, took off her nappy and asked her to sit on the potty. She tried to sit on it with her nightie on, it got in the way and she wouldn’t take it […]

Potty Training Day 1

Today is the start of our potty training journey, another milestone for our little flower. Daisy has recently started to pull at her nappy and say “wee wee”. This week at nursery she had rooted in her nappy and presented them with the contents (at the time they thought it was wheatabix eeeeew). They deviced […]

Happy 1st Birthday Daisy!

It was Daisys 1st Birthday last week, I really can’t believe her first year is over already. Where has my baby gone?! We decided to celebrate this milestone with a party. It was a great excuse for friends and family to enjoy some time together. I loved seeing Daisy and her little friends toddling round […]

Healthy Hips

One of the most important things to me when choosing a baby carrier is the safety and wellbeing of my daughter Daisy. Did you know that baby wearing in the right carrier can both correct and prevent Hip Dysplasia? What is Hip Dysplasia I hear you ask? This is a term used to describe instability […]

Driving Miss Daisy

When I think of travelling I always associate it with holidays abroad, planes and cruise ships. I also think of the words fun, exciting and relaxing. Travelling with a baby however is somewhat different! When Daisy was born everyone wanted to meet her including my co workers. People love babies and she was invited to her […]

ISARA Family

We are excited to announce that Ade, Daisy and I are now part of the Isara family. We feel honoured to represent such an amazing brand. Our  ISARA carrier arrived last week and we’ve already taken it on a few mini adventures! On Friday we decided to pick Daisy up early from nursery to try […]

Cheeky Chompers Blanket

I normally find myself picking up blankets off the floor (my cheeky chomper kicks them off), so this blanket was a godsend. The fact that it fastens to the pushchair is absolutely brilliant! It clips to the frame really easily and the best part is that Daisy can’t pull it off! I found it a […]