The Weaning Journey

Daisy is 7 months old and I’m very lucky to have a baby who is such a good eater. We didn’t start our weaning journey like this. Originally Daisy wouldn’t eat anything I cooked. I wasn’t sure if this was because she was just getting used to eating or she didn’t like Mummy’s cooking. I wouldn’t blame her for not liking my food, I’m certainly no Nigella Lawson. She would eat some finger foods but point blank refused my purées. Daddy had also recently taught her to blow air and she loved using this technique to blow the food off the spoon (and all over me). Perhaps he secretly hates my cooking too!

Baby weaning

I tried Daisy with the Ella’s Kitchen first food packets. These are basically single veg purées in a squeezy packet, and guess what? She loved them! So my daughter doesn’t like my cooking. She has expensive taste! I wasn’t going to give up that easily. Here’s where my go to item comes in; The Ella’s Kitchen ‘First Foods’ book. This book is great for first time Mum’s starting to wean their little ones. It’s packed with information on how to start your weaning journey. It includes a cute little wall planner with stickers so you can record your baby’s favourite foods. It’s brightly coloured and full of lovely photos of smiley happy babies which gives you a sort of confidence in the recipes. At first I wasn’t sure if the book would help but I followed the recipe for parsnips which is one parsnip and a few table spoons of water and Daisy loved it! Each recipe tells you exactly how much water, milk, veg and other ingredients to mix so you get the texture just right. Daisy has eaten nearly everything I have made using this book. I’m one happy Mummy! I’m starting to follow the book into the next stages of weaning which includes more texture and taste. I really couldn’t recommend it enough. There are even some recipes in here suitable for adults. I liked the book so much that’s I’ve also bought The Ella’s Kitchen ‘Cook Book’ which is full of even more yummy recipes. My advice to anyone starting weaning would be not to give up. It takes a few tries for your baby to learn to like a taste and in our case we just needed to get the texture right. Experiment and enjoy the experience!


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