Nutribaby Product Test

My little girl Daisy is nearly 8 months old so we are a good few months into our weaning journey. I was really excited when I received my Nutribaby from KIDLY as we are at the stage now where we can be a bit more experimental with food.

It arrived well packaged in a large box (about the size of Daisy) but it wasn’t heavy making it easy to lift and unpack. I’m one of these people who hates reading instructions so I was pleased to see that the booklet was full of step by step diagrams making it easy to follow. It also came with a recipe book which includes a few meals to help you get started.

On first glance it looks like it can hold a decent amount of food which is great as you need a bit extra when you are weaning (as 50% of it ends up on the floor!). It has a display screen below the blender with buttons either side and there’s an on off switch on the back. You can even detach the cooker section if you are just using the blender. I really like the fact that the excess cord attached to the plug wraps around the base of the blender keeping it neat and tidy. I was amazed to find that the Nutribaby is not just a blender and steamer. It’s also a bottle warmer, food warmer and steriliser. It even has a defrost setting!

I decided that for my first test drive I’d keep it simple. I steamed some carrots, sweet potato and broccoli for 20 minutes. I then added them to the blender along with their juices (these are collected in a tray beneath the steamer so you don’t lose all the vitamins). I added some grated cheese and four table spoons of boiled water. I then spent the next 20 minutes playing peekaboo! That’s the thing I like most about this food processor; you can put your food in to cook, set the timer and leave it. It bleeps when the timer runs out so you don’t need to watch it or keep checking the food. Anything that lets me spend more time with my daughter gets a thumbs up in my books!

Once you’ve finished it’s quick and easy to clean. The great news is that the washable parts are dishwasher save. Just remove the blender and food sections and pop them in the dishwasher or in our house… hand them to Daddy ‘the dishwasher’.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with this gadget so we’ll update you with our final verdict in the coming weeks!

Babymoov Nutribaby


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