Nutribaby Verdict

Daisy’s nearly 9 months old now and her eating has changed dramatically over the last month. She’s become miss independent already and wants to feed herself. This means she’ll no longer take purées off a spoon (she will eat chick pea curry off Daddy’s fork though).The great thing is that the Nutribaby still suits her needs. I use the steamer to soften veggies and fish so she can eat them as finger foods. I still use the blender to mix yogurt and fruit, add the blobs to some baking paper and pop them in the freezer. These make yummy yogurt dots that Daisy can hold easily. Great for teething pain! I’ve also been using the Nutribaby to cook meals for my partner and I. Steaming is much healthy and it’s plenty big enough to accommodate our meals. I have to say I’m still very impressed with this food processor and it will serve our family for a long time.

Daisy cooking Daisy Babymoov


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