Kiddyum Review

Sometimes its hard to find time to cook for your baby. I like to think I provide Daisy with home made nutritious meals most of the time, but there are occasions where we have to buy ready made food.

There are a lot of baby foods out there but the majority of them are jars or packet foods. I’m always a little wary of buying products off the shelf as you’ve got to wonder what they have in them (especially the ones that seem to last for at least a year)!

Kiddyum is a new company that makes frozen meals for children. The meals are made entirely from natural ingredients. Which means there’s no added sugar, artificial colours and flavours, GM ingredients or preservatives. They are also low in salt making them perfect for little tummys. Daisy’s favourite is the fish and veg pie!


If you’d like to try Kiddyum you can find these tasty meals in the freezers at most Sainsbury’s stores.




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