Vtec Alphabet Train

We’ve just signed up to test products for vtec so I thought I’d share our feedback on the vtec alphabet train. We recently bought the alphabet train and my daughter Daisy absolutely loves it! She’s nine months old and has recently started pulling herself up to standing. We wanted something she could pull up on and push around the room. We decided a baby walker was restricting and a bit big for our house (plus I don’t think Daddy would be happy if she hit the furniture in it). I started searching for a push along walker and this train is perfect for the job. It’s more than just a walker, it has a number of other great features. The train comes with a carriage on the back which holds a number of square blocks. These blocks have letters on them and can be inserted into slots on the side of the train. Daisy loves inserting the blocks as the train says the letters and links them to a word. The train makes noises and plays tunes, it’s a very interactive toy. Daisy also enjoys sitting on the train and as she gets older I’m sure she will love riding it around the front room!



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