Cheeky Chompers Blanket

imageI normally find myself picking up blankets off the floor (my cheeky chomper kicks them off), so this blanket was a godsend. The fact that it fastens to the pushchair is absolutely brilliant! It clips to the frame really easily and the best part is that Daisy can’t pull it off! I found it a lot more useful than an ordinary blanket or cosy toes. She can’t kick it off and unlike cosy toes its a lot more flexible and much softer on her skin. Its also very pretty, I love the pattern its very eye catching and would suit a boy or girl.

I think it was a bit of a novelty for Daisy when we first used the blanket. She kept rubbing her hands on the soft fabric and flapping her legs up and down. Now shes got use to it she enjoys snuggling up underneath it. While we are out and about she always finds an opportunity to play peekaboo! She lifts the blanket up and down to hide her face and because of the generous size her legs are still nice and warm underneath. Daisy hasn’t noticed that she can put her hands inside the pouch to keep them warm but I think she will find this feature useful as she gets older (plus its not been that cold recently). She does like the sensory tags on the side of the pouch, she will pull on them and move them between her little fingers.

This blanket definitely lives up to its description. I think one of the best features is its size. It covers Daisy’s whole body and I suspect it will do for the next few years. I love the poppers that attach it to the pram, this is very well designed and such a brilliant idea. I’ve had no issues clipping it on or off the frame of our stroller and car seat, they definitely keep the blanket secure. The sensory tags are a great idea, especially for babies who are learning to use their hands. It allows them to explore new textures and keeps them entertained while on the move. I love the idea of the front pouch being a hand warmer and if Daisy hates wearing gloves as much as she does socks then I’m sure she will appreciate this in the colder months of the year!


We absolutely loved this blanket, I don’t think we realised how useful it would be until we tried it. It definitely exceeded our expectations, who knew a couple of poppers and some sensory tags could make all the difference!


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