ISARA Family

We are excited to announce that Ade, Daisy and I are now part of the Isara family. We feel honoured to represent such an amazing brand.

Our  ISARA carrier arrived last week and we’ve already taken it on a few mini adventures! On Friday we decided to pick Daisy up early from nursery to try it out. Daddy was the first to give it a spin. He would normally prefer to back carry but Daisy has had a bit of a cold this week and wanted cuddles. We went for a lovely walk by the Quary at the back of our house.


The carrier is a beautiful shade of pink (raspberry) and is a lovely colour for our little girl. You can wear it in a variety of positions but Daddy carried Daisy on his front on this occasion.

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at the beach. It was Mummy’s turn to try the carrier. I found it so comfortable and Daisy enjoyed snuggling into me as we walked, the comfort of the carrier and the movement of the walk sent her off to sleep. I normally struggle to carry for long periods of time but the ISARA carrier took all the pressure away from my shoulders and back. I can’t wait for our next outing this week!








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