Driving Miss Daisy

When I think of travelling I always associate it with holidays abroad, planes and cruise ships. I also think of the words fun, exciting and relaxing. Travelling with a baby however is somewhat different!


When Daisy was born everyone wanted to meet her including my co workers. People love babies and she was invited to her first meeting at the office. I work in Manchester but the majority of my team are based down in London. We have most of our meetings down there and when my manager invited us to visit with the new addition my partner and I thought it would be fun. You might think that a trip to London isn’t travelling but believe me it felt like a long haul by the time we’d finished!

I’d bought Daisy a Betsy Trunki and I was excited about our trip as I filled it with nappies and tiny clothes. She was such a small thing I could probably have fit her in it; so why did she need so much stuff?! We crammed the car boot with a baby bath, Moses basket, pram, blankets and various toys. There was no room for us let alone our bags!


We were initially going to stop with family on the way down but things didn’t go to plan and we ended up driving to a friends house on the outskirts of London the night before our visit. The drive down wasn’t too bad but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of stops we had to make for nappy changes, cuddles and of course the hourly feed from the boob! At that stage I’d got used to feeling like a cow in a dairy!! Still that was the easy bit.

We had a relatively normal nights sleep (for anyone who doesn’t have a baby this means 2 hours kip if you are lucky)! The next day we started our commute into the centre of London.

The first mode of transport was by bus. That was fun! We put the luggage and pram base in the side of the bus. The driver looked at me like I was carrying and alien as I struggled to squeeze the car seat down the isle and stuck Daisy in a window seat. The bus set off from the depot and Daisy let out a loud cry. Not now! You were fast asleep. I can’t get you out of your car seat, it’s not safe! “Peekaboo”, yes that works “Cooochicooooooo” the looks we got on that bus were priceless! It took an hour of silly noises and funny faces before we reached the centre of London. I never remembered travelling being this exhausting!

We got to the tube station and entered the barrier. Now all we need to do is find the lift. “Excuse me where is the lift?” I asked the security guard. “There isn’t one.” In fact there were no steps either, just an escalator. We detached the car seat from the pram and Daddy carried Daisy down the escalator. I was left to figure out the rest. I must have looked like Quasimodo as I wobbled down the escalator with a pram slung over my shoulder, a Trunki round my neck and various other luggage strung over my limbs like a human coat hanger. I turned and immediately apologised as I tapped the gentleman in front on the bum with a pram wheel. He grunted and gave me a disapproving look. Daddy thought it was hilarious and Daisy looked at me and pulled her poo face. That’s all we need! Of course there were no baby changing facilities on the underground so I changed her on the platform. It’s a good job babies aren’t modest. With no bins in sight we put the stinker in a bag and boarded a carriage. It was amazing how fast people move when they smell a poo bag coming their way. It was easy to get a seat! We had the same rigmarole on the escalators at the other end when we had to get back up to ground level. I had definitely done my workout for the week!


Once we resurfaced things got a little easier and we walked the remainder of the journey. It felt nice to be out in the open. Within seconds I’d changed my mind as small drops of water fell from the sky. The only saviour was a couple of plastic bags and the fact that we had remembered Daisy’s rain cover.

When we finally got to the office I breathed a sigh of relief. We made it! I could relax!! Well at least for a few hours before braving the journey home!


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