Potty Training Day 1

  • Today is the start of our potty training journey, another milestone for our little flower.

Daisy has recently started to pull at her nappy and say “wee wee”. This week at nursery she had rooted in her nappy and presented them with the contents (at the time they thought it was wheatabix eeeeew). They deviced allsorts of ways to keep her nappy on, she looked hilarious when I picked her up the other day; a baby grow over her leggings, and socks over her shoes as she likes to take them off too!

Weve decided she might be ready to ditch the nappies, so here our potty training journey begins.

When Daisy was around 11 months old, we won a potty training pack from The Potty Training Acadamy. The pack includes potty training dolls, a DVD, book, sticker chart and reward box. We kept it in a safe place until she was ready.


We have chosen a good weekend to start potty training as it’s a Bank Holiday. This was just coincidence as the decision was only made on Thursday. On the Friday after nursery I took Daisy to buy a potty. They say it’s important to get your toddler involved in choosing a potty – unfortunately Asda didn’t have a huge range. There was a choice of a pink or blue standard potty, Daisy picked a pink one. We also purchased a training seat and step stool. We bought some Peppa Pig training pants, Daisy has never actually watched Peppa Pig but for some reason she loves her. We were all stocked up and ready to begin!

On Saturday morning the fun started! I woke Daisy up and asked if she needed a wee wee. We took her nappy off and she sat on the potty, nothing happened. We then went downstairs and watched the potty training DVD. Daisy doesn’t watch TV normally, to start with this was a bit of a novelty, she soon got bored and started to play with her toys. We tried the book instead (which is the same story as the DVD), she was more receptive to this but I’m not sure how much she took in. She spent the morning taking her leggings and training pants off and sitting on the potty, again nothing happened. The Peppa Pig training pants didn’t go down well either. She didn’t want them on at first (although she doesn’t like wearing a nappy either). Once she got used to them she was constantly pulling them up and down and she wouldn’t sit on the potty with them on. Nappies are so much easier as you can just whip them off. We’ll save the training pants until she gets more familiar with the potty. I’m not sure nursery would be pleased with her pulling them off every two minutes!

Just before dinner Daisy started to do her ‘poo face’. I whipped her leggings and nappy off and sat her on the potty, good timing, she did it! I gave her mountains of praise. She looked really pleased with herself, I was one proud Mummy. Daisy got a sticker for her chart and a big cuddle.


Unfortunately Daisy was so pleased with her deposit, she picked it out of the potty. I shouted “no” from across the room and she quickly through it on the carpet. Time for Mummy to clean up!

After her nap I tried Daisy on the potty again, she just sat there and did nothing. We went downstairs to play with her toys and 20 minutes later she said “wee wee” and started to removed her leggings. I took her nappy off and asked her to sit on the potty. She legged it into the dining room and wee’d on the carpet. Although this was the response I had wanted, I saw it as another step forward. She had recognised that she needed a wee – previously I think she was telling me after she had been.

We went for a walk that afternoon to post Aunty Cyn’s Birthday card. When we got back I decided we needed to change tactics. I bundled Daisy into the car and we headed over to Argos.

Argos had a number of dolls to help with potty training. You have the doll a bottle and it wee’d in a potty. Great idea! I  bought Daisy the Chad Valley Interactive Potty and Doll. When we got home she couldn’t wait to get it out of the box. I filled the tiny bottle with water and let her feed the doll. “Quick Daisy” I said, “she’s weeing on the carpet”. “Put her on the potty”. Daisy put her on the potty and we clapped our hands and praised the doll.


It was getting late and I tried Daisy on the potty one last time before bed. Nothing happened but I think she is starting to get the idea of what we are trying to achieve.

Daisy still likes to fall asleep with a bottle and I don’t want to change too much at this stage. I think the night time training can wait until she’s gets used to using the potty during the day.





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