Potty Training Day 2

It’s Day 2 of potty training, and we start the day the same as we did yesterday.

I took Daisy into the bathroom, took off her nappy and asked her to sit on the potty. She tried to sit on it with her nightie on, it got in the way and she wouldn’t take it off. Luckily she didn’t seem to need to go yet.

We went downstairs and she played with her potty doll. Suddenly she said “wee wee”, we took her nightie off and her nappy. She sat on her potty and I really though she was going to go. She tried to stand up (she doesn’t sit for long), I told her dolly needed potty too and sat her doll on its potty next to her. She sat back down for a second, then suddenly she got up, put dolly in her potty, crouched down over the dolls potty (it’s too small for her to sit on) and wee’d. Okay, so that’s an improvement on weeing in the dining room yesterday, though most of it missed and went on the floor. I think she’s getting the idea now but she’s not quiet there yet.


Sunday starts with Baby Ballet at 10am, after checking if she needed a wee again we headed off in the car. I took the training seat but left it in the car. During the class Daisy started grabbing at her nappy, I took her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet, she was dry and didn’t seem to need to go.

Back at the house later, Daisy said “wee wee” again, I checked her nappy but this time she was informing me that she had already done one. She definitely understands when she is wet which is a good sign.

The best trick of the day was when Daisy took off her nappy, stood over the potty, thrust her hips forward and wee’d! She actually got most of it in, very impressive. She got a sticker for that one, it was the first wee that actually went in the potty. Well done Daisy!


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