Bettys Bowtique

Bettys Bowtique sells beautiful handmade outfits for newborns and little girls up to the age of eight. These outfits are designed and made by Holly, Mummy to Betty who models the outfits on Instagram. I purchased the pink butterfly set to add to Daisy’s growing wardrobe (she has more clothes than me!). The set includes a white […]

Vtec Alphabet Train

We’ve just signed up to test products for vtec so I thought I’d share our feedback on the vtec alphabet train. We recently bought the alphabet train and my daughter Daisy absolutely loves it! She’s nine months old and has recently started pulling herself up to standing. We wanted something she could pull up on and […]

Tidy Tot Review

The Tidy Tot has to be one of the best weaning tools I’ve come across as a Mummy so far. We call it Daisy’s space ship as it looks like a big flying saucer. The large green saucer fits to the tray of the high chair using two suction cups, the bib (or overall) then attaches to […]

Kiddyum Review

Sometimes its hard to find time to cook for your baby. I like to think I provide Daisy with home made nutritious meals most of the time, but there are occasions where we have to buy ready made food. There are a lot of baby foods out there but the majority of them are jars […]

Mother and Baby Awards 2017

This year we have been chosen to test and review products for the Mother and Baby Awards 2017. Its very exciting as Daisy and I get to try lots of new things and share our experiences. I can’t share my reviews with you as this is a competition and they are submitted privately, but I will be […]

Nutribaby Verdict

Daisy’s nearly 9 months old now and her eating has changed dramatically over the last month. She’s become miss independent already and wants to feed herself. This means she’ll no longer take purées off a spoon (she will eat chick pea curry off Daddy’s fork though).The great thing is that the Nutribaby still suits her […]

Nutribaby Product Test

My little girl Daisy is nearly 8 months old so we are a good few months into our weaning journey. I was really excited when I received my Nutribaby from KIDLY as we are at the stage now where we can be a bit more experimental with food. It arrived well packaged in a large box […]